Software is not a typing exercise. You can type 100 lines of code per minute and be a horrible developer.

To create great software, you have to think about it. You have to understand the requirements. You have to communicate. The best way to communicate is face to face.

We believe in working closely with our customers to ensure we understand what needs to be done. Ultimately, creating software is an exercise in understanding what the client wants.

While understanding requirements is the most important condition to creating great software, it is not the only condition. In order to ensure a quality product, we believe in the following best practices:

  • Frequent Testing
  • Simple build process
  • Issue tracking


Knowing how to do things well is important, but often what is needed is to do things fast. Software development is a trade-off between quality, cost and time. Often, customers want software which is cost effective and fast.

How can you maintain quality under a tight schedule? At Clearcove we perform this small miracle by following three simple rules:

  • Work hard
  • Hire great people
  • Communicate

In practice, great software is easy. Know what you have to do and work hard toward your goals. When in doubt, communicate.


Not everyone is capable of sitting in front of a computer all day. For some people this would be a nightmare. Some people would need more stimulation or find it difficult to focus.

For us it is different. Software is like a game. You are stuck on a problem, you work through the problem and you get another problem. Problems are like levels in a video game and we just play for fun. Before you know it, 8 hours have passed and you realize you have not eaten today. That is passion.

We believe in hiring the best. We have found that the best indicator of a great developer is a high degree of passion for their work. Without this quality, you may be hiring someone who is just looking at a screen.